Friday, February 29, 2008

Updated Projected Depth Chart

I'd like you to take a look at the Files & Documents section toward the bottom of this page. It can be accessed by clicking the Files link at the top of his page. This is the place I'll have all kinds of files with handy and useful info. Right now, I have a projected depth chart, a spreadsheet of all Dolphins contract info, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Files like the depth chart and contract spreadsheets will always be updated when necessary, so whenever there is a signing you can come here, open the document and it will be updated to reflect any transactions.

I bring this up now because the Projected Depth Chart file is updated through all of today's signings. It is not an official depth chart, but just my best guess at where all the Dolphins' current players would stand if the season began today. So take a look and let me know what you think!

For quicker access, the projected depth chart can be viewed here.

Dolphins add Wilford, Starks

I am proud to say that the Dolphins have signed two players I discussed in my offseason preview videos - Jaguars wide receiver Ernest Wilford and Titans defensive tackle Randy Starks.

Miami has certainly been the hottest team early in free agency, signing Wilford, Starks, Justin Smiley, Sean Ryan, Reggie Torbor and acquiring Jason Ferguson via trade. Quarterback Josh McCown and linebacker Calvin Pace could soon be on the way.

Because Miami's actions have been so rapid thus far, it would be tough for me to dish out videos on every signing today. So what I'm going to do is pace myself over the next 2-3 days and release videos on each signing in the basic order they were first reported. I figure Miami can't keep adding players at this pace, so it should be easy to catch up over the weekend.

In the meantime, I'll still be posting here whenever there is news. Personally, I'm loving what Miami is doing and I think we're heading in the right direction. Go Dolphins!

Dolphins sign Ryan, Torbor; acquire Ferguson

The roster revamp of the Dolphins is continuing at a rapid pace, as the Dolphins have now added four new players since free agency began today. In addition to Justin Smiley, the Dolphins have signed tight end Matt Ryan and linebacker Reggie Torbor. The team has also acquired nose tackle Jason Ferguson from the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for a 2009 sixth-round pick and a swap of sixth-round picks in 2008.

Furthermore, the Dolphins are hosting quarterback Josh McCown (Raiders), linebacker Calvin Pace (Cardinals) and defensive lineman Randy Starks (Titans). Video analysis on every signing will be up today, so keep checking back!

Dolphins sign 49ers guard Smiley

Our Dolphins made the first signing of free agency, reeling in San Francisco 49ers guard Justin Smiley to a five-year, $25 million contract with $9 million guaranteed. Smiley, a four-year veteran, was originally drafted by the 49ers in the second round of the 2004 NFL Draft out of Alabama. He is projected to start at right guard in place of departed free agent Rex Hadnot.

Video forthcoming...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

2008 Offseason Preview: Quarterbacks

Free agency is just around the corner (10 minutes and counting) and I'm getting my final offseason preview video out just in time. This video is on the ever-important quarterback situation. I'm sure there will be a lot to post about in the coming back, so keep checking back for up-to-date news and analysis. Enjoy!

Dolphins sign WR David Kircus

The made a roster addition today, signing former Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions wide receiver David Kircus. For more background info and analysis on the move, watch the following video. Enjoy!

For more on Kircus' arrest last year, see this article.

Joe Toledo signed by Packers

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that recently waived Dolphins offensive lineman Joe Toledo has been signed by the Green Bay Packers. The MJS is actually a little behind on this one - I picked up on this a few days ago when changed his network to Green Bay, Wisconsin on facebook. (That's investigation!)

Toledo, a fourth-round pick by the Dolphins in 2006, was plagued by injuries in Miami and never played in a regular season game for the team. He can play both guard and tackle and could make the Packers as a reserve lineman if he can stay healthy in camp.

Of the nine players the Dolphins let go on February 11, Toledo is the second to land with a new team. Offensive tackle Anthony Alabi was claimed off waivers by the Kansas City Chiefs on February 13.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dolphins enter bidding for Lions' Rogers

The Dolphins have reportedly entered the bidding for Detroit Lions defensive tackle Shaun Rogers, who is on the trading block. For my thoughts on the prospect of this trade, see the following video. Enjoy!

Also, you can read the full article here!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 Offseason Preview: Running Backs

Here is my second-to-last offseason preview video, this one on the running backs. The final video, on the quarterbacks, will be up Thursday. Free agency begins the following day, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of different stuff to discuss soon. Enjoy!

Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Offseason Preview: Wide Receivers

I apologize once again for this video being a day late; I've been battling the flu recently. The wide receivers offseason preview turned into two videos based on the stuff there was to talk about (or at least stuff I felt like saying) so be sure to watch both parts. The running backs video will be up tomorrow, followed by the quarterbacks video on Thursday, February 28. Then free agency begins. Well, thanks for watching and enjoy!

Part I:

Part II:

In semi-almost-Dolphins-related news, the Detroit Lions are bringing in recently released offensive lineman L.J. Shelton for a visit Tuesday. I think it's safe to say that if any team is looking for Shelton to start, even on the right side and/or at guard, then they've got problems.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

2008 Offseaon Preview: Tight Ends

Apologies for the lateness of this video. It was supposed to be up Thursday, but I was out of town until Friday night. Then I made the video Saturday and YouTube was being uncooperative until Sunday afternoon. Well, it's up now so here it is.

This video covers the Dolphins' current tight ends situation. My three remaining videos of the offseason preview will be released on schedule. Enjoy!

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that I stupidly failed to mention recently released Atlanta Falcons tight end Alge Crumpler. What happened was I looked only at upcoming unrestricted free agents (the ones that will be available the 29th) but not ones that have been cut already. I would say that Crumpler is the best tight end on the market and I'd definitely like to sign him. However, I have yet to hear the Dolphins connected to Crumpler while a ton of other team have been, so it seems unlikely he'll land in Miami. Sorry for the exclusion though.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Updated on next offseason preview video

So after I completed the Michael Lehan video, I'll admit I totally forgot to do my tight ends video for the offseason preview that was supposed to go up today. I apologize for that in case you were looking forward to it. I'm also sorry to say that I'll be out of town until tomorrow night or Saturday morning. If I get hope tomorrow night, I'll definitely do the video then so it would be up sometime early Saturday morning.

As for the rest of the offseason preview videos, the receivers, running back and quarterbacks videos will still be released on schedule.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dolphins re-sign CB Michael Lehan

Dolphins management has made their first move to retain a player held over from the previous regime, re-signing unrestricted free agent cornerback Michael Lehan to a three-year deal. Watch the following video for more info on Lehan and analysis on the move. Enjoy!

Every free agent with Parcells/Ireland history

I've put together what I think will be an interesting and handy list of players come free agency. Unless I accidentally missed someone, this is a list of every NFL team's free agents that has a history with Bill Parcells and/or Jeff Ireland.

Why is this important? Well as we all know, Parcells likes guys he is familiar with. It's certainly no coincidence of the four guys he's signed this offseason - Matt Baker, Junior Glymph, Trey Darilek and Joey Thomas - all had histories with either him and/or Ireland in Dallas.

A few things to note with this list though. First of all, I included every player that had a history with Parcells or Ireland, no matter how long ago or brief it may have been. This means that some of the players on this list will not be on Miami's radar at all. That's why I've rated each player on a scale of 1 to 10 on how interested I think the Dolphins will be in said player. 1 is obviously no interest, while 5 is moderate/possible interest and 10 is heavy interest. You can figure out the stuff in between. Enjoy!

Flozell Adams, 31, offensive tackle, Cowboys - played for the Cowboys during the entire tenures of Parcells (2003-2006) and Ireland (2001-2007).
Dolphins' interest? 10/10. The Dolphins are guaranteed to be interested in Adams, whom the Cowboys will let hit the open market. Signing Adams would give Miami a reliable left tackle for the next 4-5 years and allow them to move Vernon Carey back to right tackle where he's best suited.

Larry Allen, 36, guard, 49ers - played three seasons under Parcells in Dallas from 2003 to 2005; Also present during Ireland's first two years there in 2001 and 2002.
Dolphins' interest? 7/10. Allen is expected to retire, but that doesn't mean the Dolphins won't try to convince him to hold off on it. Miami needs help at guard desperately and Allen would provide a solid starter for a year.

Rocky Boiman, 28, linebacker, Colts - signed by Parcells-led Cowboys in 2006 as a free agent, but did not make the team out of camp.
Dolphins' interest? 7/10. Although Boiman didn't make the team in 2006, the Cowboys had a lot of talent at linebacker and the team at least thought he'd fit the defense when they signed him. Would be far more likely to make the team over Edmond Miles or Kelvin Smith.

Troy Brown, 36, wide receiver, Patriots - drafted by Parcells-led Patriots in 1993; played all four seasons of Parcells' tenure in New England.
Dolphins' interest? 1/10. Brown is clearly at the end of his road and likely won't attract attention from other teams. Miami needs experience at receiver but there will be plenty of better alternatives out there.

Tedy Bruschi, 34, linebacker, Patriots - drafted by Parcells-led Patriots in 1996 and played one season under him.
Dolphins' interest? 6/10. Bruschi is getting up there in years, but Miami could use another veteran inside linebacker to team with Channing Crowder and this guy has plenty of 3-4 experience. A younger guy would be ideal, but getting Bruschi on a two-year deal would be more than sufficient.

Aveion Cason, 28, running back, Lions -played one season for Parcells-led Cowboys in 2003.
Dolphins' interest? 3/10. Cason had some success in a reserve role for Dallas in 2003, but he's nothing special and Miami is pretty deep at running back. He could be brought in to compete for a backup job.

Terrance Copper, 25, wide receiver, Saints - signed as an undrafted free agent by Parcells in 2004 and played two seasons under him with Cowboys.
Dolphins' interest? 7/10. With 56 games played, the 25-year-old Copper would still be the most experienced receiver on the Dolphins' roster. He's got some talent, would come fairly cheap and could push for the No. 3 or 4 job.

Keith Davis, 29, safety, Cowboys - Davis was present for Parcells' entire Dallas tenure from 2003 to 2006 and was also there in 2007 with Ireland; also played for various Dolphins defensive assistants.
Dolphins' interest? 8/10. Parcells and Ireland have plenty of experience with Davis and the Dolphins are lacking at safety. Davis would be a fairly inexpensive signing, and he'd compete for a starting job and be a strong special teams player at worst.

Ebenezer Ekuban, 31, defensive end, Broncos - played for Parcells-led Cowboys in 2003.
Dolphins' interest? 2/10. Ekuban left Dallas after 2003 because he did not fit the 3-4 scheme. Nothing's changed on that front, so don't expect Parcells' interest to have changed either.

Jason Fabini, 33, offensive lineman, Redskins
- Drafted by Parcells in the first round in 1998 and played two seasons under him with the Jets; also played for Cowboys in 2006 under Parcells.
Dolphins' interest? 6/10. Fabini isn't the player he once was and isn't anything more than a veteran backup at this point. However, Miami lacks any veteran backups on the offensive line and Fabini would be an inexpensive pickup that could provide depth at both guard and tackle.

Aaron Glenn, 35, cornerback, Jaguars - Played for Jets during all three years of Parcells' tenure from 1997 to 1999; also played for Parcells and Ireland in Dallas from 2005 to 2006.
Dolphins' interest? 6/10. Miami is lacking at the corner position behind Will Allen. Parcells has plenty of experience with Glenn and although he's not starter material anymore, he'd provide solid veteran depth for our secondary.

Bobby Hamilton, 36, defensive end, Browns - played for Jets during all three seasons of Parcells' tenure from 1997 to 1999.
Dolphins' interest? 7/10. Hamilton's near the end of his career and is not starter material, but he has plenty of 3-4 end experience and would be a great backup on the Dolphins' defense that lacks the right personnel in most areas.

Ken Hamlin, 27, safety, Cowboys - Signed by Cowboys in 2007 with Ireland in the front office; also played for various Dolphins defensive assistants.
Dolphins' interest? 9/10. Hamlin is a talented player at a position the Dolphins are sorely lacking. He'd be a huge boost for the secondary and had a career-high five interceptions for Dallas in 2004.

Nathan Jones, 25, cornerback, Cowboys - drafted by Parcells-led Cowboys in 2004 and played three seasons for him; also played for Ireland and various defensive assistants in 2007.
Dolphins' interest? 8/10. Jones is a solid backup corner and would come at a cheap price. He'd compete for a nickel or dime job in Miami.

ReShard Lee, 27, running back, Raiders - signed by Parcells-led Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 2004 and played one season for Cowboys.
Dolphins' interest? 2/10. Miami is set at running back and Lee would have a hard time making anyone's roster.

Matt Lehr, 28, offensive lineman, Buccaneers - played one season for Parcells-led Cowboys in 2003.
Dolphins' interest? 3/10. Lehr has value as a backup at center and guard, but he's been let go by Parcells once and the Cowboys never showed interest the two times he's been on the market since.

Jacques Reeves, 25, cornerback, Cowboys - drafted by Parcells-led Cowboys in 2004 and played three seasons for him; also played for Ireland and various defensive assistants in 2007.
Dolphins' interest: 9/10. Reeves is a talent player that could be a third or fourth corner in Miami. The Dolphins will likely have a strong interest in him and he shouldn't be expensive to bring in.

Jeff Robinson, 38, long snapper, Seahawks
- played two seasons for Parcells-led Cowboys from 2003 to 2004; also present in 2002 with Ireland.
Dolphins' interest? 3/10. Miami has no long snappers on the roster and this is least one Parcells and Ireland are familiar with. However, Robinson went unsigned the entire 2006 season and is nearly finished, so the Dolphins might look for a younger guy at the position.

Sean Ryan, 27, tight end, Jets - drafted by Parcells-led Cowboys in fifth round of 2004; played two seasons under Parcells before being traded to the Jets in August 2006.
Dolphins' interest? 9/10. Parcells obviously liked him during his two years, and just because he was traded doesn't mean Ireland didn't either. Dallas simply had two starting-caliber tight ends (Witten and Fasano) and saw an opportunity to get draft picks for a backup. But the Dolphins are severely lacking at tight end so it wouldn't be surprising if he were brought in to compete.

Omar Stoutmire, 33, safety, Redskins -Played one season for Parcells-led Jets in 1999.
Dolphins' interest? 2/10. Stoutmire has just a little history with Parcells, and the Dolphins will likely look elsewhere for backup safety help.

Vinny Testaverde, 44, quarterback, Panthers - played two seasons for Parcells-led Jets from 1998 to 1999; also played one season for him in 2004.
Dolphins' interest? 2/10
. Testaverde is almost guaranteed to retire, but then again he was "retired" before last season too. He'd be an absolute last resort for the Dolphins, who will probably be able to pick up a better veteran.

Tyson Walter, 29, offensive lineman, Packers
- played two seasons for Parcells-led Cowboys from 2003 to 2004; Tony Sparano was also his offensive line coach both those years.
Dolphins' interest? 6/10. Walter has experience at all the offensive line positions and would provide an experienced backup.

Casey Wiegmann, 34, center, Chiefs - played one season for Parcells-led Jets in 1997.
Dolphins' interest? 1/10. Wiegmann had minor experience with Parcells for one season ten years ago, so there isn't much there. Also, Wiegmann is very undersized for Parcells' taste and the Dolphins don't need a center anyway.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PFT: Dolphins $31 million under cap

I'm not a big fan of Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, as I find him a sensationalist who is always looking for controversy where it's clearly not. He also occasionally has no idea what he's talking about, going back to those PFT roots of just making stuff up. However, PFT has a list of every team's current cap situation heading into free agency so this is something I feel is worth glancing at.

According to this list, the Dolphins currently have a cap number of $85 million. With the salary cap expected to be about $116 million this offseason, that puts us at $31 million below the cap. This gives Miami the second lowest cap number on the league, behind Tennessee's $79.4 million.

I cannot verify the accuracy of the whole list, but we do know that the number they have for Miami is the same one Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald gave not long ago. Also, keep in mind the Dolphins still have other veterans they could cut (coughDAVIDMARTINcough), but either way Miami is sitting pretty heading into free agency.

On another note, here is my schedule for the remaining offseason preview videos before free agency begins February 29:
Feb. 21: Tight Ends
Feb. 24: Wide Receivers
Feb. 26: Running Backs
Feb. 28: Quarterbacks

Monday, February 18, 2008

2008 Offseason Preview: Offensive Tackles

Here's my second offensive line video of the day, this one on the offensive tackles. Be sure to check out my video on the centers and guards in the entry below. The next video in the series, on the tight end position, will be Thursday. Enjoy!

2008 Offseason Preview: Centers & Guards

Well I'm back on track with my first offensive line video of the day! This one is on the center (briefly) and guard positions as the Dolphins head toward free agency. Also, be sure to catch the offensive tackles video in the post above!

Zach to visit Pats on Monday

I know none of us want to hear this, but former Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas is visiting New England Patriots officials at Gillette Stadium on Monday. The news comes from Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe in a blog entry located here. Thomas also has visited scheduled with the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints.

I'll admit that I did not think this would happen after Reiss' initial entry on the topic where he discussed with Ted Johnson the prospect of Zach playing in a 3-4. This makes little sense from a football standpoint and I feel this is yet another instance of Bill Belichick trying to stick it to the Dolphins. Zach is 5-11 and 228 pounds - he is all wrong for the 3-4. But the Patriots have a strong enough team they can have an out-of-place guy in there and still not have it affect them negatively.

Let's just all hope Zach passes and signs elsewhere. While I want him to have a ring, it would be almost unbearable to see Zach in a Patriots uniform.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 Offseason Preview: Defensive Ends

As promised, here are the defensive ends videos for the 2008 offseason preview. There are two because the first one ended up being so long I had to make a second one to get all the analysis in there. As I said in the previous post, the offensive line videos will be out Monday. Enjoy!


2008 Offseason Preview: Nose Tackles

I'm a little late with my next videos in the offseason preview, but here's the nose tackles one. The defensive ends videos (plural because I just took too much time, haha) will be up by Monday morning. I'm also going to get back on schedule Monday with my offensive line videos. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dolphins release Zach Thomas

The rebuilding process continues and as I expected, the Dolphins have released long-time star linebacker Zach Thomas. One of the all-time Dolphins greats, Thomas played 12 years in Miami and was selected to seven Pro Bowls.

I have put together a video on Zach, which can be found below. It is not a typical analysis video, but rather just a personal tribute to Zach. Thanks for everything, Zach.

Further reading:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lance Briggs to Dolphins? Don't bet on it.

Earlier this week, Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote an article about the Dolphins' recent cuts and how the team should have close to $40 million in cap space this offseason. In said article, Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs is the first potential big-name free agent King mentions, and there is even a picture of Briggs at the top of the page with a caption that reads: "Bill Parcells and the Dolphins have the money to land a marquee free agent like Lance Briggs."

While true the Dolphins will have the money to land a high-priced free agent on Briggs' level, my advice to Dolphins fans would be to not get your hopes up about that free agent being Briggs himself.

Briggs, 27, has spent his entire five-year in Chicago's Cover 2 system and has thrived. But as I've said repeatedly this offseason, all indications are Miami is converting from the 4-3 defense to the 3-4. In such a defense, the 240-pound Briggs would almost certainly move inside. It would be a very different thing for Briggs, and it'd be a change that would not benefit him.

But don't take my word for it. Take a look at how Briggs himself feels about the prospect of playing in the 3-4. The following is an excerpt from a Boston Globe article from just over a year ago.
"The 3-4 is a whole different scheme," he said, noting that he played in the middle of a 3-4 at the University of Arizona.

Asked if he liked playing in that scheme, he said: "Not really."

Briggs believes he's a good fit in the Bears' scheme, which is a 4-3 that features smaller, athletic players.

"It allows me to play ball, the weakside position in this defensive scheme, you're

kind of called on to make play after play after play," he said. "When Lovie [Smith] came here, he said 'I want you to play the weakside, I want you to be the Derrick Brooks of this defense.' In this defense, you are relied to make play after play."

Asked how that would transfer to a 3-4, playing inside linebacker, he said: "Not real well."

The full article can be found here. It is a blog entry by Globe journalist Mike Reiss, who in my experience is one of the sports writers that is most on top of things. Even if he does cover the most evil team ever.

The point is, there is more to signing free agents than simply matching up a player with a team that has cap space. Briggs is a good player, but a player more suited for a system that the Dolphins will not be running. He is not a prototypical 3-4 linebacker because it is not a scheme that utilizes his strengths, and as you've clearly read he does not seem too keen on the idea of playing in it either. Briggs is a free agent that can go anywhere he wants, and as one of the top players in his position will have plenty of options that will all pay him handsomely.

The Dolphins do not need Briggs, and Briggs does not need the Dolphins. That is why you should not expect to see him in aqua and orange come September, and why you shouldn't necessarily be bummed about it, either.

Alabi claimed off waivers by Chiefs

Just two days after the Dolphins parted ways with nine players, the first of that group has landed elsewhere. The Kansas City Chiefs were awarded offensive tackle Anthony Alabi off waivers on Wednesday.

Three other teams - the Broncos, Browns and Texans - also put in claims for Alabi. Coincidentally, Alabi was drafted by the Dolphins with a pick acquired in the trade that sent Patrick Surtain to Kansas City. He will keep his No. 79 with the Chiefs.

Alabi was originally drafted by the Nick Saban-led Dolphins out of TCU in 2005. He did not play his rookie season, and has since played in 16 games (starting none) in his three-year career as a backup tackle.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2008 Offseason Preview: Outside Linebackers

As promised, here is my second video of the day - this one on the Dolphins' current situation at outside linebacker. The defensive line videos should be out in 2-3 days, but for now enjoy this video, the inside linebackers one below or any of the others in case you've missed them! Enjoy.

2008 Offseason Preview: Inside Linebackers

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be having two new videos today on the Dolphins' inside and outside linebacker situations. The following video is on the Dolphins' inside linebackers, with analysis on the current players under contract and what can be expected at the position during free agency and the draft. Be sure to check out the outside linebackers video as well, which can be found in the post just above this one. Enjoy!

Two more offseason preview videos coming today!

Free agency is just over two weeks away, and while my defensive back videos were a little late I'm getting back on track with videos on the Dolphins' linebackers today. As was the case with the defensive backs, there's just too much to talk about at linebacker (especially given the move to the 3-4) so once again I'm splitting it up into two videos. I will have one on inside linebackers and another on outside linebackers. Both should be completed this afternoon and will almost certainly be up by this evening, so be sure to check back for those!

2008 Offseason Preview: Safeties

As I continue my offseason preview, this video is on the Dolphins' situation at safety. The following video discusses who the Dolphins have at the position, who are their free agents and where they might look for help. Be sure to also check out my video discussing the safety position.

2008 Offseason Preview: Cornerbacks

As discussed in the video, I felt it was best to break up the video on the Dolphins' defensive backs into two - cornerbacks and safeties. This video discusses the Dolphins' cornerback situation, while the one in the post above talks about their safety situation. Enjoy!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dolphins begin cleaning house, part ways with nine players

As you've probably heard, the Dolphins have waived or released nine players today, including veterans Trent Green, Marty Booker, L.J. Shelton and Keith Traylor. For more information and analysis on these moves as the Dolphins begin to rebuild during the offseason, watch the following videos. Enjoy!

On the four veterans released:

On the other five players waived:

Also, be sure to check out the next video in my free agency preview on the Miami Dolphins' defensive backs which will be up tonight!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

2008 Offseason Preview: Special Teams

As mentioned in my Dan Henning video, I will be doing a series of videos leading up to free agency on February 29. They will be released every 2-3 days and each will cover a group of positions on the Dolphins roster. This includes who the Dolphins have at those positions, who are their free agents, whether they need help or depth there, whether or not they may address the positions in free agency or the draft, and so on.

This video, on the Dolphins' special teams unit, is the first in the aforementioned series. So take a look and keep checking back for more videos like it as free agency and the draft creep closer.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dan Henning hired as offensive coordinator

The Dolphins completed their coaching staff on Monday, February 4, hiring former Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator for the same role in Miami. Henning is 65 years old (hence the picture to the right) and brings with him 28 years of NFL coaching experience.

The move to hire Henning marks the first time the Dolphins have had a true offensive coordinator since Mike Mularkey held the title in 2006, as former head coach Cam Cameron called the plays himself last season.

For more background info and analysis on the hiring, watch the following video. Enjoy!