Tuesday, February 19, 2008

PFT: Dolphins $31 million under cap

I'm not a big fan of Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, as I find him a sensationalist who is always looking for controversy where it's clearly not. He also occasionally has no idea what he's talking about, going back to those PFT roots of just making stuff up. However, PFT has a list of every team's current cap situation heading into free agency so this is something I feel is worth glancing at.

According to this list, the Dolphins currently have a cap number of $85 million. With the salary cap expected to be about $116 million this offseason, that puts us at $31 million below the cap. This gives Miami the second lowest cap number on the league, behind Tennessee's $79.4 million.

I cannot verify the accuracy of the whole list, but we do know that the number they have for Miami is the same one Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald gave not long ago. Also, keep in mind the Dolphins still have other veterans they could cut (coughDAVIDMARTINcough), but either way Miami is sitting pretty heading into free agency.

On another note, here is my schedule for the remaining offseason preview videos before free agency begins February 29:
Feb. 21: Tight Ends
Feb. 24: Wide Receivers
Feb. 26: Running Backs
Feb. 28: Quarterbacks