Monday, February 18, 2008

Zach to visit Pats on Monday

I know none of us want to hear this, but former Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas is visiting New England Patriots officials at Gillette Stadium on Monday. The news comes from Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe in a blog entry located here. Thomas also has visited scheduled with the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints.

I'll admit that I did not think this would happen after Reiss' initial entry on the topic where he discussed with Ted Johnson the prospect of Zach playing in a 3-4. This makes little sense from a football standpoint and I feel this is yet another instance of Bill Belichick trying to stick it to the Dolphins. Zach is 5-11 and 228 pounds - he is all wrong for the 3-4. But the Patriots have a strong enough team they can have an out-of-place guy in there and still not have it affect them negatively.

Let's just all hope Zach passes and signs elsewhere. While I want him to have a ring, it would be almost unbearable to see Zach in a Patriots uniform.