Thursday, May 29, 2008

WR Tab Perry waived/injured

The Dolphins already thin receiving corps got a little thinner this week, as fourth-year wideout Tab Perry suffered a torn Achilles' tendon and will likely miss the 2008 season. Perry, who suffered the injury during a May 24 practice, signed with the Dolphins as a free agent in March.

Contrary to what various media outlets have reported, from the Sun-Sentinel to, Perry has not been released and is in fact still with the team.

If I may clarify the situation, Perry has been waived/injured, meaning if he clears waivers he will revert to the Dolphins' injured reserve list. While it is quite possible ends up getting an injury settlement from the team and gets released, he is still a member of the team for the time being. It is possible another team claims him off waivers, though this is extremely unlikely as teams rarely claim guys that just suffered season-ending injuries.

Update: It seems that more than a day after ran their initial story about Perry being released, they've finally learned from a "league source" (as opposed to yours truly yesterday) that Perry has indeed not be cut. Considering the whole waived/injured-to-I.R. thing happens dozens of times throughout the league each offseason, one wonders how a website dedicates to following the league was unaware of how it worked.


I've seen quite a few Dolphins fans write this news off as completely irrelevant, and while it's not a tough hit to the team by any stretch it does carry with it some significance.

First, as I'd said in videos earlier this offseason, I felt talent-wise, Perry was one of the better receivers on the team after Ernest Wilford and Ted Ginn, Jr. If he had stayed healthy, I think he would have had a very good shot at the No. 4 job, and even could have challenged Derek Hagan for the No. 3 spot.

The absence of Perry gives every other receiver one less guy to compete with, and thus a better chance to make the roster. However, I guys like David Kircus and Greg Camarillo benefit more, because I feel strongly that the Dolphins will give the No. 5, and likely final, receiver spot to one of the undrafted rookies. Therefore the No. 4 job would likely have been between Perry, Camarillo and Kircus, and the losers of that group would be cut in favor of a rookie for the last spot.