Thursday, September 4, 2008

Week 1 Game Predictions

In an attempt to have more general NFL content on the blog, I've decided I'm going to add weekly predictions of NFL games accompanied by brief explanations. It's quick and easy, just like me. Here we go.

Last week's record: n/a
Season record: n/a

Giants over Redskins - The Giants may have lost some pieces this their Super Bowl run, but I think Eli and Co. will come out strong.

Bengals over Ravens - I simply don't see Joe Flacco being able keep up with Carson Palmer in a shootout.

Jaguars over Titans - Never been a fan of Vince Young, never will. The Jags can handle him.

Dolphins over Jets - Is this a biased pick? Probably. That being said, I think the matchup is close enough that the Dolphins have a decent shot to pull it out. If healthy, they'll be solid.

Patriots over Chiefs - this isn't even close. The Patriots would beat the chiefs if they played only backups.

Saints over Buccaneers - a tough divisional matchup, but I like New Orleans' offense to win this one.

Eagles over Rams - Steven Jackson might be rusty and the Eagles are just a much better all-around team.

Steelers over Texans - we're all waiting for the Texans to break out, but the Steelers are superior.

Lions over Falcons - Brent Grimes and Chris Houston will be on Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson. It could get ugly.

Seahawks over Bills - I'm not sold on Trent Edwards yet.

Chargers over Panthers - the absence of Steve Smith will only make this a more uneven matchup.

over 49ers - San Francisco's quarterback situation will doom them this year. There's not a starter among the bunch.

Cowboys over Browns - Possibly one of the best and most intriguing matchups of the weekend. It could go either way, but I like Dallas a lot.

Colts over Bears - Peyton Manning will simply score too much for the Bears' offense to match.

Packers over Vikings - another good matchup that could go either way. It's a toss-up.

Broncos over Raiders - Oakland has a lot of young potential on offense, but I don't think it's there yet.