Saturday, November 8, 2008

Week 10 game predictions

Holy-freaking-crap! After three straight weeks of 7-7 performances, I actually had a good week in Week 9 picking 12 of 14 games correctly. Let's keep rolling.

P.S. I picked the Broncos over the Browns in the Thursday game but I forgot I needed to post my week's predictions before then. What, you don't believe me? After all we've been through? Fine. Then feast your eyes on this screen-capture-tastic evidence:

Bam, son.

Last week's record: 12-2
Season record: 77-53 (59.2%)

Saints over Falcons - In what one would not have expected to be an upset pick, I think the Saints' offense has a big day and halts the Falcons' momentum.

Titans over Bears - I probably would have gone with the Titans anyway, but Rex Grossman seals it for me. (I don't care if he had a good half last week.)

Jaguars over Lions - The Jaguars are falling apart, but can Daunte Culpepper lead an awful Lions squad to victory less than a week after signing? I'm not thinking so.

Dolphins over Seahawks - If the Dolphins are going to make a playoff run, they have to win the games they are supposed to win. This is one of them, especially with Seneca Wallace still starting for Seattle.

Packers over Vikings - Big divisional matchups like this can go either way, but I really like the Packers.

Patriots and Bills - After a hot start to the season, the Bills have come back down to earth. They've already dropped two divisional games in a row and I'm predicting a third straight here.

Jets over Rams - The Rams have proven they can sneak up on people, but not with Kenneth Darby in for Steven Jackson at running back.

Ravens over Houston - Not much else to say, I expect the Ravens to keep rolling here.

Panthers over Raiders - The Raiders are an absolute mess right now and the Panthers have a lot more firepower on offense.

Colts over Steelers - Why would an inconsistent '08 Peyton Manning lead his team to victory over the NFL's top defense? Because I said so.

Chargers over Chiefs - The Chargers haven't been the team we expected, but they should be able to handle KC.

Giants over Eagles - This great divisional matchup could absolutely go either way, but the Giants have just been playing too well lately to bet against them.

Cardinals over 49ers - The Cardinals aren't great, but they do have a strong passing game and I expect it to be more than the Niners can match.