Saturday, December 13, 2008

Week 15 Game Predictions

I'm coming off my best week of the season picking games (13 of 16 correct) and I'm already 1-for-1 this week. I'm feelin' good!

Last week's record: 13-3
Season record: 134-74 (64.4%)

Falcons over Buccaneers - If Tampa Bay's run defense doesn't improve over last week's awful performance, and especially if Jeff Garcia doesn't play, I don't see this team winning in Atlanta.

Redskins over Bengals - Washington has been playing pretty disappointing football in the second half of the season, but there's no justification for ever picking Cincinnati at this point.

Colts over Detroit - This just isn't even fair. Peyton Manning's going to have a field day.

Chargers over Chiefs - The Chiefs have played better than their record indicates and could easily bring a tough game to their division rivals, but I still have to go with the much more talented San Diego squad.

Seahawks over Rams - Seattle stomped them 37-13 earlier in the season, albeit with Matt Hasselbeck instead of Seneca Wallace at quarterback, but I have a feeling (though by no means a confident one) that St. Louis pulls out a win here.

Dolphins over 49ers - San Francisco was impressive in their upset over the Jets last week, but I still like the hot Dolphins at home against a Frank Gore-less Niners teams.

Jets over Bills - As much as I'd love for the Bills to pull out an upset here, I expect the Jets to rebound from their loss last week and I just don't see any way J.P. Losman keeps up with Brett Favre.

Packers over Jaguars - The Packers have lost three straight tough games and have fallen flat on their face in the playoff hunt, but I'm going to predict they get a W here over the even more disappointing Jaguars.

Titans over Texans - Tennessee may be 12-1 while Houston has a losing record, but this game is closer than it appears. Tennessee's offensive rank is below average while their defensive rank is stellar, and it's just the opposite for Houston. I expect a close game, but I'm going with the better defense.

Cardinals over Vikings - I probably would have picked the Cardinals regardless, but Frerotte being out pretty much seals it for me.

Patriots over Raiders - The Raiders are 0-1 when their opponent's quarterback's father has died during the week, but that's not why I'm picking New England here. It's because Oakland's terrible.

Panthers over Broncos - Carolina's running game is just unstoppable right now, and most running backs are unstoppable against Denver's defense anyway. It could get ugly.

Steelers over Ravens - An absolute toss-up. With the top two defenses in the league and mediocre offenses, I expect a baseball score in this one.

Giants over Cowboys - Some of the Cowboys' players just seem hellbent on distracting the team and ruining the season, and I expect New York to take advantage.

Eagles over Browns - I've said it before and I'll say it again - I cannot pick a team to win that starts Ken Dorsey at quarterback. I can't even envision a scenario in which I would do it. I wouldn't pick the '85 Bears with Dorsey leading them.