Saturday, January 10, 2009

Divisional Round Predictions

Went 2-2 in the Wild Card round last week, missing the Indy pick and the homer pick in Miami. Should've known better on that second one. Oh well. Gonna go 4-0 this week. Just watch.

Titans over Ravens - Baltimore's defense is ridiculous, but Tennessee's is good as well and I like their offense better than than the rookie-led Ravens' O.

Panthers over Cardinals - Arizona backed up my pick last week with a win over Atlanta, but I don't think their defense can handle Carolina's monster running game.

Giants over Eagles - Philly whooped the Giants late in the season, but I expect the Giants to get hot in the playoffs just like they did last year. And I just hope for his sake Donovan McNabb doesn't lead the Eagles to a tie in this game. ;-)

Steelers over Chargers - If there's any defense that can stop Darren Sproles, it's Pittsburgh's. The Chargers got some ref help late against Indy and had a pretty mediocre season, so I expect the much more sound Steelers to win this one.