Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chris Canty not likely to land in Miami

Harvey Fialkov of the Sun-Sentinel has posted a blog entry about Cowboys defensive end Chris Canty - an upcoming unrestricted free agent - possibly landing in Miami this offseason. Begins Fialkov:
"Cowboys DE Chris Canty could be the latest to end up on the Miami Cowboys if Dallas continues to drag their feet to re-up him."
His reasoning: 1) Canty was drafted by Parcells in Dallas and played for Parcells' friend Al Groh at Virginia; and 2) Canty speaks highly of Parcells; and 3) the Cowboys haven't gotten far in negotiations with Canty.

Fialkov ends the entry asking readers for their thoughts on Canty in a Dolphins uniform. Well here are mine:

Before Dolphins fans get their hopes up, I just want to say that it's highly unlikely Canty lands in Miami. Don't get me wrong - the guy is a talented, young 3-4 end with a lot of upside. In the right situation, I'd love to have him starting for my team. But that right situation is not in Miami, regardless of his past connections with Parcells.

  1. Canty is reportedly seeking a deal similar to the seven-year, $50.5-million contract defensive tackle Tommy Kelly received from the Raiders this year.
  2. Regardless of whether or not expensive veteran Vonnie Holliday gets the axe this offseason, the Dolphins still won't be in the market for a defensive end, let alone a very high-priced one. They drafted two players at the position in the first three rounds last year (Phillip Merling and Kendall Langford) and signed Randy Starks to a $21-million contract.
  3. All three of the players above are not only talented, quality players, but are all younger than the 26-year-old Canty.
As good as he is, signing Canty just does not make sense for the Dolphins from a football standpoint of a financial one. The team has plenty of holes and defensive end might be one of the few positions where there isn't even a hint of one.

Higher priorities for the team include (but are not limited to): A starting wide receiver; a starting center and/or right guard; a young nose tackle; a starting inside linebacker; another pass-rushing outside linebacker; a starting cornerback; a starting free safety; and a starting strong safety (if Yeremiah Bell leaves). If the Dolphins are going to shell out big bucks for a free agent, it should almost certainly be somewhere else.

I don't mean to rag on Fialkov here because he's a fine journalist and provides plenty of good info on the Dolphins. But writing a blog entry about a potential free agent signing that's so unlikely it's hardly worth discussing seems irresponsible to me.

If you think the situation through, Canty just doesn't make sense for the Dolphins. The Dallas-Miami pipeline that was created when Parcells joined the Dolphins is a guideline, not a rule, and the notion that Canty could land in Miami is a poorly-thought-out one bore from it.