Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Thoughts ... Offseason Preview Videos Schedule

What a great Super Bowl wasn't it? I still maintain the Titans-Rams was the best I've ever seen and last year's was the most personally satisfying, but I was hoping for a great game and that's what we got.

The Steelers' dominated the first half, the Cardinals really rebounded in the second half and seemed to take the momentum completely from away from Pittsburgh, who looked like they were falling apart. (I'm talking to you, Ike Taylor and James Harrison.)

Then Pittsburgh mounts an amazing drive in the final minutes and caps it off with a remarkable touchdown catch by Santonio Holmes. I tell ya, that's the kind of player I fellow OSU alum Ted Ginn, Jr. to be.

All in all, a fantastic game with many great moments. As a fan of neither team with no real stake in the game, I just really enjoyed watching it.

Now that the Super Bowl is in the books, the offseason will be picking up steam in a hurry. As a result, I'll once again be doing offseason preview videos for the Dolphins' roster. In these videos, I'll be analyzing the Dolphins' current standing at each position. I'll cover any free agents we have at the positions and who we have under contact there; how set the positions are or if we need some help; and where we might add some players (draft, trade, free agency, etc.) at each position.

With free agency officially beginning on Feb. 27, my offseason preview videos will start tomorrow and run all the way until the signing period begins. Here is my tentative schedule for the videos:

Feb. 3: Special teams
Feb. 5: Safeties
Feb. 7: Cornerbacks
Feb. 8: Inside linebackers
Feb. 10: Outside linebackers
Feb. 12: Nose tackles
Feb. 14: Defensive ends
Feb. 16: Centers and guards
Feb. 18: Offensive tackles
Feb. 20: Tight ends
Feb. 22: Wide receivers
Feb. 24: Running backs
Feb. 26: Quarterbacks

Be sure to check back all throughout February for the most comprehensive breakdown of the Dolphins' 2009 roster heading into the offseason anywhere on the internet!