Monday, March 23, 2009

Update: Satele dealt for sixth-rounder and swap of undisclosed picks

ESPN's Len Pasquarelli is reporting the trade sending center Samson Satele to the Oakland Raiders will net the Dolphins a sixth-round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, as well as a swap of picks in an undisclosed round.

The swap of picks obviously benefits the Dolphins, as the 5-11 Raiders obviously pick higher in each round than the 11-5 Dolphins.

This is about what I expected from the trade, as a mid-round pick seemed unrealistic given Satele's lack of future in Miami. This trade was about stockpiling draft picks, not netting a huge score in return for Satele.

I'll have an article analyzing this move and an updated projected depth chart up later today, so check back for those!

Update II: The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting the swap of picks will occur in the fourth round, with Miami moving up to the eighth pick in the round and Oakland moving down to 26th.

Update III: The Miami Dolphins' official roster has been updated, and Grove has switched from No. 60 to Satele's No. 64. Grove previously work 64 in Oakland.