Friday, September 4, 2009

Sean Smith is a BEAST

No, this isn't your typical breaking news report or game analysis or anything like that. Instead, we're going to take this opportunity to: a) take a look back at something I predicted correctly and something I said that seems to be right-on (for once); and b) marvel at the awesomeness that is Dolphins rookie cornerback Sean Smith.

Here's what I said about Smith, who I had going to Miami in the last three versions of my mock draft, in the days leading up to the draft:
"Still, I'm a big fan of Utah's Sean Smith, and I don't consider No. 25 too early to take a 6-4 corner with 4.5 speed and good ball skills."
Yes, I got the round wrong, but only because I was hoping Miami would take Smith in the first round because I knew he'd be worth it.

And now, time to watch Smith's sick one-handed interception of Saints quarterback Mark Brunell last night:

Called it. Totally called it. NFL wide receivers beware.