Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 Week 4 Game Predictions

I had another decent week, going 11-5. Unfortunately, I didn't see the juggernaut that is the Detroit Lions winning, so that was one of the ones I missed. Will I pick them to start a winning streak this week? Scroll down slightly to find out...

Last week's record: 11-5
Season record: 32-16 (67%)

Bears over Lions — Yes, they finally won a game last week. I'm still not too high on them (call me crazy) and I don't see them winning back-to-back games. I expect a big game from Jay Cutler, and I expect the Lions to get back to their losing ways this week.

Bengals over Browns — The Bengals are playing their best football in recent years, while the Browns might be the worst team in the league right now. I'm not picking Cleveland until they show some sign of life.

Colts over Seahawks — Injuries to your quarterback and offensive line are often problematic, and that's exactly what's going on with the Seahawks right now. I just don't see Seneca Wallace being able to keep up with Peyton Manning.

Giants over Chiefs — Despite some injuries on defense, there's just so much to like about New York's offense right now. I can't really justify picking a still-rebuilding Chiefs squad over the very sound Giants.

Patriots over Ravens — A bit of an upset pick, I just see these teams kind of evening things out after the way each has been playing lately. Baltimore is going to have to lose sometime, while the Patriots should play better than they began the season.

Redskins over Buccaneers — There's no doubt Washington hit a new low last week with a loss to the Detroit Lions, but I think they'll get angry and rebound against a shaky Buccaneers team led by a very raw quarterback in Josh Johnson.

Titans over Jaguars — I keep expecting Tennessee to break out of their funk, and they keep disappointing me. The Jaguars just don't impress me at all, and I think Tennessee finally gets their first win this week.

Texans over Raiders — JaMarcus Russell is rapidly cementing himself as a bust, and I just can't pick a team led by the guy against a pretty solid offense headlined by Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson.

Dolphins over Bills — Yes, I'm picking them again. They definitely aren't playing well right now, but I think Chad Henne could surprise people in his first career start. He has a good matchup to do it, as Buffalo is without three of their four starting defensive backs out.

Saints over Jets — It's about time the Jets came back to earth, and I think the Saints are the team for the job. Let's see if Mark Sanchez can keep up with Drew Brees.

Cowboys over Broncos — The Broncos have been playing better than I expected this year, but they haven't really been tested yet in my view. I like the Cowboys to keep rolling.

49ers over Rams — I'm still not sure I buy the Niners as a legit playoff contender right now, but the Rams are wholly unimpressive and will be starting Kyle Boller this week.

Steelers over Chargers — The Steelers lost a close one to a much-improved Bengals team, but I still think they are among the elite in the AFC and they'll rebound against San Diego this week.

Packers over Vikings — I hate hate HATE Brett Favre and I hope the Packers break both his legs and tear his heart off like that guy in Temple of Doom. That is all.