Thursday, October 29, 2009

2009 Week 8 Game Predictions

After sweeping the 1 o'clock games (admittedly, most were gimmes), I pretty much bombed the later games, including a switched pick from New Orleans to Miami that didn't pay off in the end.

Last week's record: 9-4
Season record: 71-32 (69%)

Texans over Bills — Houston's offense is firing on all cylinders, while the Bills are a mess despite a win against an equally disappointing Panthers team last week. The Texans have to be the pick.

Bears over Browns — Chicago has been horribly inconsistent and forgot to show up against the Bengals last week, but the Browns are the worst team in the league and shouldn't be picked against anyone.

Cowboys over Seahawks — I'm inclined to believe Seattle's route of the Jaguars a few weeks ago was an aberration, and I expect a hot Dallas offense to put up way too many points for Matt Hasselbeck and Co. to manage.

Rams over Lions — What an ugly game this should be. It's hard to pick a winner here, but I like the potential offense of Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson better than the alternative.

Colts over 49ers — It's hard to imagine anyone going undefeated, but it's also hard to pick against Indy right now. Alex Smith had an impressive game last week, but he's no match for Peyton Manning.

Dolphins over Jets — Miami lost a heartbreaker against New Orleans last week, but did certainly play a good half of football. I think the running game gets going again against the Jets.

Giants over Eagles — This is a very tough matchup that could completely go either way, but I've been more impressed with the Giants this season and think they'll prevail.

Ravens over Broncos — Baltimore presents one of the best opportunities for Denver to lost a game this season, and I like their chance this week.

Jaguars over Titans — Tennessee probably won't go 0-16, but it's hard to pick them on any given week, especially when they are starting Rhodes Scholar Vince Young.

Chargers over Raiders — There is just no reason to ever pick the Raiders, ever. JaMarcus Russell will lead his team to defeat yet again.

Packers over Vikings — Minnesota got the best of Green Bay in their first meeting due to the Packers' lack of a line, but that unit is playing better and they'll have homefield advantage. If there is any justice in this world, Brett Favre will get demolished this week.

Cardinals over Panthers — Carolina just can't seem to get things going, even with their running game, so I don't expect them to be able to match the amount of points Arizona will put up.

Falcons over Saints — The Saints have to lose sometime (don't they?) and I'm picking the big upset from the Falcons on the road.