Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dolphins' 2010 draft picks issued jersey numbers

I'd normally post about this anyway because I'm the kind of nerd that actually gets into this kind of stuff, but there is actually some potential controversy in the numbers issued by the Miami Dolphins to their 2010 draft picks.

In particular, fourth-round linebacker A. J. Edds has been assigned No. 54, which as we all should know was worn by Dolphins great Zach Thomas between 1996 and 2007.

It's perplexing why the Dolphins chose to issue this number now, considering they hadn't issued it during the regime's first two seasons in Miami.

Although it isn't retired (only Bob Griese's 12, Dan Marino's 13, and Larry Csonka's 39 officially hold that distinction), it definitely should never be issued to another player, let alone a rookie.

The Dolphins were smart enough to not issue it in 2008 or 2009, and they didn't re-issue Jason Taylor's No. 99 during the season he played in Washington. So what changed?

It's worth at least considering that Miami's do-what-we-want, take-no-crap front office decided to stick it to Thomas after he ripped the organization for its treatment of Jason Taylor.

While that theory may be far-fetched on the surface, I've found it best never to underestimate just how low Bill Parcells will sink, just how cold he can be, and just how little he actually cares what anyone else thinks.

Regardless, someone needs to step up and make the right decision. Either the Dolphins will change Edds' number due to fan backlash (hopefully), or Edds should realize it's a mistake to wear that number and volunteer to change it.

Well, that's my two cents. Here's the full list of draft pick jersey numbers:
  • DE Jared Odrick — 98
  • OLB Koa Misi — 55
  • OG John Jerry — 74
  • ILB A. J. Edds — 54
  • CB Nolan Carroll — 28
  • SS Reshad Jones — 35
  • OLB Chris McCoy — 48
  • ILB Austin Spitler — 44

Still lacking numbers are wide receiver Brandon Marshall, whose No. 15 is unlikely to be vacated by Davone Bess, as well as the undrafted rookies, whose signings have not yet been announced by the team.

McCoy and Spitler take 40s numbers because 50 through 59 are completely full, although at least a few of them should be vacated sometime between now and the regular season.

I expect Reggie Torbor (53) to be cut at some point due to his high contract and lack of production, while Erik Walden (50), Tim Dobbins (51), Brian Johnson (57) and J. D. Folsom (59) are all far from locks to make the team.

As you can see, there will be plenty of 50s numbers for Edds to choose from before the season begins. Let's hope someone does the right thing here.

How do you feel about the Dolphins assigning Zach Thomas' number to Edds? Share your thoughts on the forum here!