Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Miami Dolphins Spotlight reaches 100,000 visitors

Loyal Readers,

It's been a long and snail-paced journey since I first started this site in December of 2007, and I'm pleased to report I've finally passed 100,000 visitors.

I've very much enjoyed covering the Miami Dolphins in my spare time as a college student while honing my craft as a sports writer.

Although I've now graduated and am starting a full-time job with Turner Sports in a few weeks, I fully intend on updating the site and covering the Dolphins as much as I always have in my spare time. (And probably on quite a few lunch breaks!)

As I continue to report and analyze all things Miami Dolphins, I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued reading of my site.

I also welcome any and all feedback, I love to talk about the Dolphins and NFL football in general, so I encourage you to join in the discussion if you feel so inclined.

I look forward to covering the Dolphins here for years to come, and I hope you continue to visit my site, read my content, and talk Dolphins football!

Chris J. Nelson