Monday, August 2, 2010

Tony Sparano debunks my Ray Feinga report

On the positive side, my website got a mention in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano was asked a question directly about a report of mine.

Unfortunately, that report of mine turned out to be erroneous, and Sparano thoroughly debunked it.

As I reported yesterday, former Dolphins guard Ray Feinga was waived/injured with a designation of a non-football injury Saturday due to a single car accident the night before. That much was true indicated by the official NFL transactions.

Unfortunately, I jumped the gun when saying Feinga had already been placed on the Reserve/Non-Football Injury list.

While that is what would have happened if Feinga had cleared waivers without an injury settlement from the team, that is apparently not what happened. Obviously, Feinga received an injury settlement before revering to the NFI list.

While I did mention the possibility that Feinga could eventually receive an injury settlement from the team and be released, I assumed this wouldn't happen as immediately as it did.

In my experience following NFL transaction, I would say 99% of the time a player reverts back to the reserve list before receiving an injury settlement. However, that doesn't excuse jumping the gun and reporting it based on an assumption.

Unfortunately, just a day after being the first to accurately report on Phillip Merling going on the NFI list (which was later confirmed by general manager Jeff Ireland via the Sun-Sentinel), it seems I made a rookie mistake with this one.

Thanks to Mike Berardino of the Sun-Sentinel for getting clarification from Sparano. Consider this a lesson learned on my part!

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