Sunday, August 1, 2010

Update: OG Ray Feinga placed on NFI list

**(Update 8/2: This report has been confirmed to be erroneous. For the accurate, updated story, see here.)**

Updating a report of mine from two days ago, the Miami Dolphins did not simply waive guard Ray Feinga. Instead, the Dolphins waived/injured Feinga with the designation of a non-football injury.

There is no official word on what Feinga's injury is, although a user on my forum posted this the day of my original report:

"[Feinga] was waived today because he was in a bad car accident last night after leaving position meetings.. they plan to bring him back as soon as he heals up but needed to make roster room for another person to complete the 80 man."

It seems unlikely an anonymous user posts something so specific about such an unknown player, and this story meshes with what has happened with Feinga on the roster. He was obviously healthy at the start of camp, but then all of a sudden was hurt.

Unlike Dolphins' defensive end Phillip Merling, who was placed on the Active/Non-Football Injury list, Feinga was exposed to waivers and has reverted to the Reserve version of the list.

This means that unlike Merling, Feinga no longer counts toward the Dolphins' 80-man roster, while Merling still does.

The Dolphins could have done the same with Merling, although exposing him to waivers would have been risky. A player of his caliber and potential likely would have been claimed off waivers, even with his injury, so that he could be stashed on a reserve list by the claiming team after the preseason.

Feinga, however, is a relatively unknown player and a borderline NFL prospect. The Dolphins knew he was unlikely to be claimed off waivers—especially in an injured state—and probably wouldn't have cared much if he had been.

Feinga becomes the first Dolphins player of the year to go on a reserve list. He will be eligible to come off the NFI list six weeks into the regular season, although it's quite possible he isn't even around then.

The Dolphins could opt to work out an injury settlement with Feinga and release him when he's healthy, or they could stash him on the reserve list for all of 2010 and bring him back in 2011.

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