Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Week One Game Predictions

As has become custom here on the site, I will be predicting the winners for each NFL game every week throughout the season.

I forgot to post my prediction for the kickoff game between Minnesota and New Orleans on Thursday, but you'll just have to trust that I went with the Saints.

2009 season record: 173-83 (67.6%)
Last week's record: n/a
2010 season record: n/a

Dolphins over Bills — I'm a little concerned about the Dolphins right now and I'm not too optimistic about their playoff chances in 2010, but I think the Bills are a much bigger mess right now with no quarterback and an abrupt defensive scheme change.

Bears over Lions — Detroit has added some quality young talent, but there still have too many holes. I like the Jay Cutler-Mike Martz marriage and expect it to produce in the opener.

Titans over Raiders — The Raiders are a team without an offensive line or an identity on defense. Granted, the release of JaMarcus Russell was addition by subtraction, but the just aren't good enough right now.

Patriots over Bengals — In what will be remembered as one of the most heroic performances in the history of sports and possibly humanity, Tom Brady overcomes his minor fender bender just three days before the opener to lead the Patriots to victory.

Giants over Panthers — I'm not sold on Matt Moore as a legitimate starter, so I have to go with Eli Manning and the Giants at home.

Falcons over Steelers — Pittsburgh is without some significant pieces, namely quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and left tackle Willie Colon. I think the Steelers are going to have a rough time in the next few weeks, including the opener against Atlanta.

Buccaneers over Browns — Well this is the match-up of the century, isn't it? It's hard to pick a winner here, although I'm a Josh Freeman fan and like Tampa Bay slightly more.

Broncos over Jaguars — Aside from Maurice Jones-Drew, there isn't much I like about Jacksonville. I think the Broncos get out to a hot start just like they did last year.

Colts over Texans — Houston always gives the Colts a game and has come away with their share of victories in the rivalry, but you can't bet against Peyton Manning.

Cardinals over Rams — The loss of some key players has thrown Arizona right back into the mix with the other lowly teams in the NFC West, but the Rams are still in much worse shape.

Packers over Eagles — Aaron Rodgers is a stud and Green Bay looks to have one of the most complete teams in the NFL. I like them slightly over Philly with a new quarterback.

49ers over Seahawks — While I'm not convinced that Alex Smith is a legitimate NFL starter, he has a solid supporting cast. I don't know what to expect from Seattle on the other hand, but I'm not going to overestimate them at this point.

Cowboys over Redskins — It's a tough call to pick the road team in an NFC East rivalry game, but I don't know how healthy Donovan McNabb is right now and I'm not sure that team is all together yet.

Jets over Ravens — In what is probably the best match-up of the week, two very complete teams go head-to-head as Rex Ryan faces his former employer. The Jets have the league's best defense though, so I'll stick with them in a close game.

Chargers over Chiefs — I see little reason to be optimistic about Kansas City right now, while San Diego is looking strong even without some big names of the past around. I say Ryan Mathews kicks off his NFL career in a big way on Monday night.

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