Sunday, October 17, 2010

2010 NFL Week Six Game Predictions

Last week was my anniversary weekend with my lady, so I didn't have time to get a game predictions article up. Probably for the best, as I went a pretty dismal 7-7.

I'll try and do better this week.

Last week's record: 7-7 
2010 season record: 43-33 (56.6%)

Bears over Seahawks — The Bears' offensive line is certainly a mess, but I'm not a huge fan of the Seahawks either. I think the return of Jay Cutler will give Chicago the boost they need to win.

Dolphins over Packers — Conventional wisdom says the Packers are the pick if Aaron Rodgers plays, but I still think Green Bay is too banged up in other areas. The Packers will have trouble putting pressure on Chad Henne and stopping the run, so I like the Dolphins.

Chargers over Rams — Sam Bradford certainly has the Rams playing better than expected, but the Chargers have a lot more talent overall and should stop underachieving at some point.

Patriots over Ravens — In one of the best games of the week, the Patriots will try to top the Ravens in their first game without Randy Moss. I think they'll get by and like the Pats at home.

Giants over Lions — Shaun Hill's playing a bit out of his mind right now, but it's just so hard to pick the Lions in any given week. I'm not going to, and I like the Giants in this one.

Eagles over Falcons — Kevin Kolb needs a big week to hang onto his job once Michael Vick is healthy, and I think he'll have a surprisingly good game in a Philadelphia win.

Steelers over Browns — I'd pick the Steelers in this game regardless, but getting back Ben Rapistberger Roethlisberger only seals it even more.

Saints over Buccaneers — New Orleans is certainly underachieving a bit, but I still like them over a Bucs squad that isn't entirely there yet.

Texans over Chiefs — I simply refuse to believe that the Chiefs are for real, and I think Matt Schaub has a big day to right the Houston ship.

Jets over Broncos — New York is playing great football right now and is not turning the ball over, so you have to take them against Denver.

49ers over Raiders — In what is easily the worse match-up of the week, I like San Francisco's offensive firepower over the Raiders' shaky quarterback situation.

Vikings over Cowboys — It's a battle of 1-3 disappointments, so I'll take the home team and their new offensive weapon on Randy Moss.

Colts over Redskins — The Redskins have certainly had their good moments, but I'm not sold on them yet. I tend to always lean toward Peyton Manning's side, and I'm doing so again.

Titans over Jaguars — Jacksonville has themselves a bit of a winning streak, but I don't really see it as anything more than a fluke. I like the Titans in this one.

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