Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 10 Power Rankings

It certainly was an interesting week in the NFL in Week 10, as my top three teams from my Week 9 power rankings all lost.

Here are the new and improved power rankings for Week 10. I decided to only provide commentary on the Top 10 and just list the bottom 22 for length purposes.

1. New England Patriots (last week: 5th; 7-2) — The Patriots rebounded from a Week 9 loss to an obviously improving Cleveland team with a very impressive showing over the Steelers.

2. Atlanta Falcons (last week: 6th; 7-2) — They've been a great home team all year, but beating Baltimore was still a very impressive victory no matter where it was played.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (last week: 9th; 6-3) — A huge jump for Philly, who absolutely slaughtered the Redskins on Monday night. I'm not a huge Michael Vick fan in terms of long-term talent, but the machine is working smoothly right now.

4. Green Bay Packers (last week: 4th; 6-3) — No movement for the Packers despite the three teams ahead of them losing. On a bye week, they were simply jumped by three teams with extremely impressive performances in Week 10.

5. Baltimore Ravens (last week: 1st; 6-3) — It's hard to fault them much for losing a game that came down to the wire against a very good Falcons team in the Georgia Dome.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (last week: 2nd; 6-3) — Their kicker situation is going through major changes, but they did lose to a good Patriots team and they're still stacked with talent.

7. New York Jets (last week: 7th; 7-2) — Yeah they won again this week, but it was their third straight pretty unimpressive performance. They'll need to pick it up down the stretch if they want to go deep in the playoffs.

8. New Orleans (last week: 8th; 6-3) — The Saint stand still on their bye week and will look for an easy win against the Seahawks in Week 11.

9. Indianapolis Colts (last week: 10th; 6-3) — Peyton Manning continues to carry this team through all sorts of injuries, and they still appear to be the team to beat in a tight AFC South.

10. New York Giants (last week: 3rd; 6-3) — The Giants tumble seven spots after an embarrassing loss to the Cowboys. Granted, Dallas does have quite a bit of talent on their roster despite their record, and the Giants had been on a roll before then.

The Other 22

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (last week: 12th; 6-3)
12. Miami Dolphins (last week: 16th; 5-4)
13. Oakland Raiders (last week: 13th; 5-4)
14. Tennessee Titan (last week: 11th; 5-4)
15. Chicago Bears (last week: 17th; 6-3)
16. Jacksonville Jaguars (last week: 19th; 5-4)
17. Cleveland Browns (last week: 22nd; 3-6)
18. Houston Texans (last week: 15th; 4-5)
19. Kansas City Chiefs (last week: 5-4)
20. San Diego Chargers (last week: 20th; 4-5)
21. St. Louis Rams (last week: 21st; 5-4)
22. Minnesota Vikings (last week: 18th; 3-6)
23. Seattle Seahawks (last week: 25th; 5-4)
24. Washington Redskins (last week: 23rd; 4-5)
25. Dallas Cowboys (last week: 29th; 1-7)
26. Denver Broncos (last week: 26th; 3-6)
27. Cincinnati Bengals (last week: 24th; 2-7)
28. San Francisco 49ers (last week: 28th; 2-7)
29. Buffalo Bills (last week: 32nd; 1-8)
30. Arizona Cardinals (last week: 30th; 3-6)
31. Detroit Lions (last week: 27th; 2-7)
32. Carolina Panthers (last week: 31st; 1-8)

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