Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 12 Game Predictions

I had a good week in Week 11, going 13-3 on my picks. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to post an entry on my predictions,so you'll just have to trust me.

I'm 3-0 already this week heading into Sunday, getting all three of the Thanksgiving Day games correct.

Last week's record: 13-3 
2010 season record: 105-58 (64.4%)

Packers over Falcons — This is a difficult game to pick, because the Falcons are unbeatable at home, but I like the Packers' a little better as a team. I'm predicting a little bit of an upset by Green Bay on the road.

Steelers over Bills — The Bills pulled of a miraculous comeback against the Bengals, but I don't see them having quite the same success against this AFC North team.

Browns over Panthers — Jimmy Clausen is back from a concussion and will once again start for the Panthers. I don't see him having a whole lot of a success against a rising Browns team.

Giants over Jaguars — The Giants are coming off two disappointing divisional losses, but I think they'll rebound against a Jaguars team that just doesn't impress me that much.

Vikings over Redskins — It seems like teams always win the game after a coaching change (and I have no statistical backing for that feeling), so I'll take the Leslie Frazier-led Vikings over Washington.

Texans over Titans — Houston just cannot seem to put it all together, but they should absolutely win this week with sixth-round rookie Rusty Smith starting at quarterback for Tennessee.

Dolphins over Raiders — I'm picking the Dolphins because I'm biased, okay? I can't help it. This is one of those games where I'm able to envision everything going right for Miami and the team playing up to it's talent, which easily matches Oakland's. This pick doesn't make a whole lot of sense, though.

Chiefs over Seahawks — This game isn't too exciting, but the Chiefs have a much better offense than Seattle and should secure the victory on the road.

Eagles over Bears — The Bears' defense is playing lights-out right now, but I'm not sure they'll be able to contain Michael Vick at the level he's playing at.

Broncos over Rams — The Rams might have trouble going from their home dome to the thin air of Denver, and I hear the Broncos have been doing some extra film study this week.

Colts over Chargers — Prepare for a shootout in this one, but I think Peyton Manning rebounds from his big interception to trump Philip Rivers and this one.

49ers over Cardinals — Is this the worst Monday Night Football match-up of the year or what? The 49ers are the more talented of the two, so I'll take them on the road.

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