Sunday, January 23, 2011

Conference Championships game predictions

I knew I should have picked Green Bay last week, but of course I didn't. I got the Chicago and Pittsburgh picks right, but lost the Atlanta and New England picks.

This week though, I'll be 2-0, baby. I can feel it.

Last week's record: 2-2
2010 season record: 172-92 (65.1%)

Packers over Bears — Aaron Rodgers is unstoppable right now (even against elderly, autograph-seeking cancer patients) and there is just something I don't like about the Bears. Maybe it's because my lying ex-best friend from childhood is a die-hard native Chicago fan. I feel like if there is any justice in this world, his teams will never win any championships in his lifetime. Although the Cubs don't really need any help not winning championships.

Steelers over Jets — Okay, so they came in and knocked off the hottest team in the NFL in their own backyard. But that has to be it, right? Aren't the Jets just a little too cocky now? Hopefully the Steelers knock them down a peg or two and send them home crying.

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