Sunday, January 9, 2011

Miami Dolphins 2010 Awards: Bright Spots in a Disappointing Year

After an AFC East title in Tony Sparano's rookie season as head coach in 2008, the Miami Dolphins have turned in consecutive 7-9 records the last two seasons, finishing third in the division both years.

While things started out positively with road wins against the Bills and Vikings in the first two weeks of the season, the Dolphins' quickly struggled to put together consecutive victories and failing almost entirely to win in their home stadium with a 1-7 record in Miami.

Still in the playoff hunt with only a handful of games to play, the Dolphins sandwiched a narrow road win against the Jets in Week 14 with losses to the sub-.500 Browns, Bills and Lions.

The Dolphins capped off things with an embarrassing loss to the New England Patriots in the regular season finale, and an even more embarrassing botched head coaching search that eventually led to the retention of Tony Sparano.

Despite their struggles, the Dolphins did do some good things on the field throughout the season and had some impressive individual performances. No really, they did.

I have watched every painful snap and suffered through every cringe-inducing loss, and found the following highlights for my Miami Dolphins 2011 awards.

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