Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 Final Two-Round Mock Draft

It's Christmas in April, as the 2011 NFL draft is finally upon us with the first round tonight. Speculation and draft talk has consumed an offseason marred by a lockout, so it's really all us die-hard football fans have.

I've made a lot of changes since my mock just a week ago, trying to sift through all the valid nuggets of information and all the BS spread by teams and agents for the purpose of misinformation.

I have mocked the draft's first round every year beginning in 2005, and even expanded things to the first two rounds last year. My third mock draft for 2011 was two rounds and that continues with this version.

For those keeping score at home, here are how many first-rounders I have correctly predicted to their drafting teams since 2005. Let's hope I can stay in the 8-11 correct range this year!
  • 2005: 11
  • 2006: 7
  • 2007: 9
  • 2008: 8
  • 2009: 10
  • 2010: 8

For reference, you can read my first mock draft from February 9th here, my second mock from March 1st here, my third mock from April 2nd here, and my fourth mock from April 23 here.

Now, on to the picks...

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