Thursday, July 14, 2011

Will the Dolphins pursue Reggie Bush?

Former No. 2 overall pick Reggie Bush is expected to be released by the New Orleans Saints this offseason in lieu of an $11.8 million salary in 2011, and NFL Network's Jason La Canfora recently suggested that the Miami Dolphins might be the most likely landing spot.

According to La Canfora, the Dolphins "might actually set the market" for Reggie Bush, with the Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams named as two other teams that may be competing for his services.

While it's hard to know just how much of what La Canfora is saying is speculation as opposing to inside information, a Bush-Dolphins union does make quite a lot of sense and is absolutely something I could see happening when the free agent market eventually opens.

The Dolphins have been linked repeatedly to the likes of Darren Sproles as a potential third-down, change-of-pace back to complement likely workhorse Daniel Thomas, who was selected in the second round of April's draft.

They'd be getting a similar role player in Bush, albeit a more expensive one. Despite Bush failing to live up to expectations as such a high draft pick, he is widely regarded as a versatile and dynamic playmaker with top-notch physical tools.

I for one have always been a fan of Bush (stop snickering), and would be in favor of the Dolphins handing him a substantial contract. If he can add a dynamic element to the Dolphins running and passing games, as well as on punt returns, he will be well worth the investment.

The Dolphins certainly have the money to spend on a running back, with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams now off the books and the rookie Thomas likely headed for a very inexpensive three- or four-year contract.

If the Dolphins are going to give Chad Henne one more year to prove himself—which appears more and more likely given how long the lockout has lasted—they would be wise to surround their quarterback with as many tools as possible to help him succeed.

With a great defense, a strong receiving corps, a (hopefully) improved offensive line, and what could be a terrific set of complementary backs, it's not hard to imagine the Dolphins at least being competitive in 2011.

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