Sunday, October 2, 2011

2011 Week Four Game Predictions

I followed up a 14-2 performance (actually 15-1) in Week 2 by going just 9-7 in Week 3. What's worse, apparently my mom (who thinks Kurt Warner plays for the Seahawks) went 11-5.

Last week's record: 9-7
2011 season record: 31-17 (64.6%)

Bears over Panthers — I'm still not on the Cam Newton bandwagon, and I think Chicago easily has the better team. I like Da Bears in this ne.

Bills over Bengals — It's still a little hard to believe the Bills are actually good. And I'm predicting they'll eventually come back to reality, but it probably won't happen this week against a pretty sub-par Bengals squad.

Browns over Titans — This doesn't have the look of a very good game. Cleveland wasn't all that impressive in their win over the Dolphins last week, but they are at home and are getting Peyton Hillis back, so I'll go with them.

Cowboys over Lions — Some might consider this a bit of an upset pick with as good as Detroit is playing, but they have to lose sometime. I think DeMarcus Ware takes advantage of a still porous Lions line and helps Dallas to victory.

Vikings over Chiefs — Remember two picks ago when I said Browns/Titans wasn't a very good game? This one is even worse. That being said, Kansas City might be the worst team in the league, and the Vikings do have Adrian Peterson, so they're the pick.

Redskins over Rams — This is another game between two mediocre teams that I'm unsure how to pick, but I feel like St. Louis is still a little too banged up right now and Washington has the better roster.

Eagles over 49ers — I don't care if Michael Vick, Vince Young, Mike Kafka, or Ronnie Brown starts at quarterback for the Eagles. I'm taking them over the Niners.

Saints over Jaguars — New Orleans doesn't really seem to have a defense, but Jacksonville doesn't either and the Saints offense is going to put up more points than the Jags can match.

Texans over Steelers — My initial thought was to pick Pittsburgh here, but Houston is playing really well and the Steelers nearly lost to Indy last week. I'll take a good Texans offense at home.

Giants over Cardinals — Despite a barrage of injuries already, New York played some of its best football last week. They should have no problem with the Cardinals.

Falcons over Seahawks — It's fair to say Atlanta isn't firing on all cylinders right now, but I still like this team a lot and Seattle is pretty terrible. I expect this to be a rout.

Packers over Broncos — Aaron Rodgers is tearing up defenses at will, and Denver doesn't have nearly he offensive firepower to match him. The Packers will win big again.

Patriots over Raiders — New England's defense is pretty bad, but I expect Tom Brady to rebound from an uncharacteristic rough outing last week and lead the Patriots to a high-scoring victory again.

Chargers over Dolphins — I picked Miami last week (and admittedly, they were close to winning) but I've learned my lesson. The Dolphins' defense has a lot of problems right now and the offense is without their emerging rookie running back in Daniel Thomas, so I don't see a victory in the cards.

Ravens over Jets — Easily one of the best match-ups of the week, Baltimore rebounded from an upset in Week 2 to a monstrous offensive showing last week. I'll take them, primarily because I hate the Jets.

Buccaneers over Colts — Curtis Painter making his first NFL start for a terrible team on Monday Night Football? Not a recipe for success. Bucs should handle them here.

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