Saturday, December 3, 2011

Week 13 NFL Game Predictions

Coming off a nice 13-3 performance last week, and I'm 1-0 this week after switching my Eagles pick to the Seahawks on Thursday afternoon. Man, Vince Young is terrible.

Last week's record: 13-3
2011 season record: 119-58 (67.2%)

Bills over Titans — Buffalo has certainly come back down to earth lately, but I like their team better overall than the Titans' and I think they'll pull out a win at home.

Bears over Chiefs — Chicago certainly isn't the same team with Caleb Hanie in place of Jay Cutler, but Tyler Palko is doing nothing for Kansas City and the Bears' defense should help them win here.

Dolphins over Raiders — Miami is playing pretty good football right now and honestly I like their chances at home against a pretty average Raiders team. Unfortunately for us draft pick hopefuls, the Dolphins have a good chance of going on a winning streak lately.

Vikings over Broncos — This may be viewed as an upset by some, but I simply don't buy Tim Tebow's performance. Even Adrian Peterson out, I think the Vikings have a solid game with the weight of Donovan McNabb off their shoulders and pull out a home victory.

Patriots at Colts — Easily the most lopsided game of the week, I don't see any way Dan Orlovsky sparks the Colts to a victory against the high-powered Patriots.

Steelers over Bengals — This isn't the gimme it has been in recent years, as the Bengals have put together a strong team. I still like the Steelers' experience and talent, however, and think they'll win at home.

Panthers over Buccaneers — The Buccaneers missing Josh Freeman is the last straw for me, and I think that helps the Panthers to a divisional win.

Jets over Redskins — New York is so up and down this year, but the Redskins have major quarterback issues and I don't think they'll win here.

Falcons over Texans — Houston still has a very solid foundation, but it's hard to imagine T. J. Yates leading the Texans to a win over a very good Falcons squad.

Ravens over Browns — Baltimore has had its share of upsets handed to them this year, but they are significantly more talented than the Browns and should handle them with ease if they play well.

Packers over Giants — An upset isn't out of the realm of possibility here, but you can't really pick against the undefeated Super Bowl champs with as well as they're playing.

Cowboys over Cardinals — Dallas might not be as good as their record given their schedule played thus far and some close wins against bad teams, but they really shouldn't have any problems with the quarterback-less Cardinals.

49ers over Rams — It looks like Sam Bradford might not play, and that'd be all the more reason to pick a much better 49ers team.

Saints over Lions — This has the potential to be a real shootout, but Detroit is without their best defensive player and I think the Saints come out ahead.

Chargers over Jaguars — In this horrendous Monday Night Football matchup, I have to figure the Chargers can outscore Blaine Gabbert and the Jags.

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