Saturday, January 7, 2012

Playoff bracket and wild card game predictions

I finished off the season with a 10-6 record in Week 17, capping off a 170-86 performance on the season. On the plus side, I did improve my overall correct percentage from 65.6 in 2010 to 66.4 in 2011. So I must be learning something.

You can take a look at my preseason predictions here, and be prepared to laugh. It's chocked full of ridiculous predictions, like a playoff berth for the Rams and a Chargers-Falcons Super Bowl.

Last week's record: 10-6
2011 season record: 170-86 (66.4%)

Playoffs Bracket Prediction

Wild Card Round
  • Texans over Bengals
  • Saints over Lions
  • Giants over Falcons
  • Steelers over Broncos
Divisional Round
  • Patriots over Steelers
  • Ravens over Texans
  • Packers over Giants
  • Saints over 49ers
Conference Championships
  • Patriots over Ravens
  • Packers over Saints
Super Bowl XLVI
  • Packers 34, Patriots 31
  • MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Wild Card Game Predictions

Texans over Bengals — It's fair to wonder just how rookie fifth-round quarterback T. J. Yates is going to hold up in a playoff run, but I still like the Texans at home with their strong defense and running game.

Saints over Lions — This one seems destined to be a high-scoring affair, doesn't it? Either team could win this shootout, but you really can't bet against Drew Brees with as well as he's playing right now. It's hard to imagine even Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson being able to put up enough points to beat the Brees and the Saints.

Giants over Falcons — I find this game extremely difficult to predict because both of these teams have had their inconsistencies and underwhelming moments this season. But I'll take the Giants at home as I find their offense led by Eli Manning a little more sound than Atlanta's.

Steelers over Broncos —Tim Tebow and the Broncos are an absolute joke of a playoff team and I don't see any way they don't get destroyed here. The Steelers would win this game with me at running back and Ben Roethlisberger having two bad ankles.

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