Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Prediction

The time has finally come, and much to our surprise the Miami Dolphins are not playing in today's Super Bowl. Nevertheless, the rematch from four years ago between the Giants and Patriots promises to be a great match-up.

Everyone is down on the Patriots' defense, but realistically the unit is not as bad as people say and not much worse than the Giants'. The Patriots have a nice corps of linebackers and a great anchor in the middle of their defensive line in Vince Wilfork.

One of the best battles in this game will be between the Giants' pass rushers led by Jason Pierre-Paul and the Patriots' offensive line. But perhaps even more key is how the Patriots' questionable pass rush fares against a Giants' offensive line that is not nearly as good as it was a few years ago.

As far as the outcome, I'm leaning toward the Patriots getting revenge for their Super Bowl XLII and Week 9 losses and Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady winning MVP yet again. One thing I've learned is to never underestimate Bill Belichick, because nobody is a better strategist and it's going to be very difficult to beat him twice.

Patriots: 27
Giants: 24

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