Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Miami Dolphins logo leaked?

The folks over at had been hinting for a while now on Twitter about having seen the new Miami Dolphins logo that is to arrive before the 2013 season. Sunday night, that site posted a photo of what they believe is (or is close to) the new logo.

(Update (12/26): you can now see a high-quality version of the logo here.)

Head on over to to read the full story about how they came across this logo. While they make it clear they don't know for sure the logo will be exactly what they say, they do say that they are "...95% sure the Dolphins new logo is going to look a lot like the photo..."

A bit of a refresher on the Dolphins' logo history:

The Dolphins' new logo will mark the fifth time the team has changed its primary logo. Their inaugural logo was used from 1966 to 1973 and featured a smaller dolphin whose head was inside the sun. The second logo, which didn't change much from the first, featured a larger dolphin placed over the entire sun and was used from 1974 to the late 1980s. The third logo darkened both the aqua and orange colors, changed the font of the 'M' on the helmet and tilted the dolphin's head downward. In 1997, the Dolphins updated their logo to a more contemporary look, adding a navy accent color and giving the Dolphin more of a "face."

Personally, I don't have any troubles with the logo. And this is coming from a guy that will now have a "retro" tattoo on his upper left arm. But in general I think it's as good if not better to the one the Dolphins are currently using.

I like ditching the dolphin's face and the helmet, giving it a more natural and simplistic look. I also like the alternating small and large rays of the sun, which is a nice new feature.

Some have complained that the new logo looks too much of a whale, I think it's pretty clearly a dolphin and people are just overreacting about the upturned tail. It's definitely an interesting change, going from a dolphin that's leaping into the air to one that appears to be swimming. But I think it's sleek and a nice change.

What do you think about this potential new logo? Discuss in the comments or on the Facebook group, or tell me what you think on twitter!